Access to Basic Services in Conflict Affected Communities


This project aims to provide vulnerable communities with sustainable services to ensure improved food security, improved school enrollment and water, sanitation and hygiene services.



In the targeted states of Blue Nile and Greater Kordofan, food security is deteriorating at an alarming rate. The current record market prices of food commodities have put around 90% of the IDP and refugee population not able to afford the local food basket. An estimated 45% of water sources are not functioning and have become prone to contamination. The education sector is currently riddled with dilapidated infrastructure as a result of the protracted armed conflict in the targeted areas. The majority of residents in these targeted areas are poor and cannot afford basic requirements for their children to remain in school. Finally, malnutrition is the leading cause of death in children under 5, while most health facilities and nutritional delivery points are severely understaffed and underequipped. This project aims to address the aforementioned issues and beyond by targeting the most at risk communities.

Donation Details and Impact

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  • $ 55 per child to distribute school supplies to 1,000 students
    • Students provided with school bags and text books
  • $ 420 to support one female farmer/fisher woman receive agricultural tools and training (200 women total)
    • Provide training for 20 fishermen on aquaculture and business training on how to maximize their yields and sales
    • Provide fishing kits to fishermen
    • Female irrigation groups established and trained on best irrigation practices and equipped with irrigation tools
    • 200 households provided with seeds and farm tools 
    • Women trained on agro-processing and equipped with tools
  • $ 1,500 to distribute goats to one household (90 households)
    •  Distribute 270 goats to 90 households in 2 villages
    • Households trained on animal feed production and preservation
  • $ 28,000 to rehabilitate, stock and support immunization campaigns in 1 health facility (8 health facilities total)
    • Rehabilitate 8 health facilities (includes handwashing facilities, storage facilities etc.)
    • Conduct and support 6 immunization campaigns in target areas
    • Provide health facilities with vaccines, vitamin A capsules and reporting tools
    • Provide health facilities with information, education communication materials to distribute in the communities 
    • Equip health facilities with PPE (COVID-19 related)
  • $ 51,200 to rehabilitate and furnish one school (4 schools total)
    • Rehabilitate 4 schools 
    • Schools are equipped with desks
    • Classrooms are rehabilitated 
    • Schools equipped with handwashing points
  • $ 62,000 to construct latrines, appropriate sanitation sewage, hygiene promotion activities in one school (2 schools total)
    • Rehabilitate latrine blocks in schools 
    • Rehabilitate appropriate sanitation/sewerage services in schools
    • Install appropriate lighting and privacy measures for latrines
    • Hygiene promotion for students (children are aware of at least three critical times for handwashing)
  • $ 84,500 construct and rehabilitate one solar powered water system in a school (2 available)
    • Rehabilitation of 2 solar powered water systems

What you Receive

  • Tier 1 Donation Amount: $1 – $999
  • Tier 2 Donation Amount: $1,000 – $9,999
    • Everything from Previous Tier
    • Project Report- Provided bi-annually to Tier 2 donors.  Example here.
    • Case Study(optional)-  Depending upon the conditions in the field including the safety of field offices and participants, testimonials may be collected from the field periodically and combined with field data to create case studies.  Some examples of case studies are below:
  • Tier 3 Donation Amount: $10,000+
    • Everything from Previous Tiers
    • Personal communication from Fund Development team
    • Webinar with Programs staff on achievements of the project

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$99,700 raised
GOAL $1200600

Total Project Value: $1,200,600

Project Completion: August 8, 2022

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