Better Future for Conflict Affected People


This project is intended to improve the targeted community’s socio-economic resilience and increase human dignity among the conflict affected area through enhanced food security, nutrition, water and sanitation and peacebuilding interventions.



South Sudan has been ravaged by years of political, inter-ethnic and intercommunal violence amid the country’s back to back civil war. Still, the current humanitarian situation in South Sudan is critical, with most parts of country still facing food insecurity and inadequate access to basic services such as improved health services, clean drinking water and quality education.

Donation Details and Impact

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  • $315 to provide fishing kits for a household 
    • Procurement and distribution of fishing kits to 500 HHs
  • $410 to provide agricultural seeds, tools, and agricultural training to farmers
    • Establish seed production center where seeds will be produced at the local level with the main objective of skill transfer for 600 farmers
    • Training of agronomic extension staff on seed production and multiplication
  • $1,000 provide training to Community Animal Health Workers and vaccines for livestock
    • Formation and training of 15 Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWs) to provide healthcare to livestock
    • 100 pastoralists will be trained on the basics of livestock management to improve quality and quantity of animal products
  • $10,000 to construct a water harvesting infrastructure
    • Construction of 3 water catchment systems (similar to sand dams but with rocky terrain)
  • $11,000 to rehabilitate non-functional boreholes (hand pumps)
    • Rehabilitation of 10 non functional boreholes
  • $38,000 to rehabilitate a health facility, install an incinerator and provide outreach services
    • Renovation of 3 Primary Healthcare Units (PHCUs)
    • Procurement of nutrition equipment, commodities and PPE as well as infection prevention items for COVID19 prevention at nutrition points
    • Construction of 3 incinerators to improve medical waste management and avoid risks and hazards in the community
  • $65,000 to drill and install a new borehole, train community water committees and provide maintenance kits
    • Training of 98 water management committees, 28 hygiene promoters and 28 hand pump mechanics
    • Drilling of 6 new boreholes
  • $67,000 to construct institutional latrine blocks
    • Construction of 4 institutional latrine blocks in 4 health centers
  • $75,000 to procure medication and mosquito nets, provide medical equipment for health facilities, support Vitamin A and deworming campaigns
    • Curative clinical consultation to 20,000 women, men and children
    • 2,500 children under 5 receive immunization of all vaccine antigens
    • 50 gender based violence (GBV) survivors will receive basic treatment included PEP for HIV and family planning
    • 800 pregnant women will receive antenatal deliverables and postnatal care services at static facilities
    • 16,000 women, men and children will benefit from mosquito net distribution for malaria prevention through health facilities
    • COVID-19 awareness creation and sensitization to 13,000 individuals in target communities
    • Treatment and rehabilitation of SAM at OTP for 400 children
    • Treatment and rehabilitation of MAM for 800 children
    • Screen 1,000 pregnant and lactating women for MAM and provide education on nutrition
    • 2,000 children will receive vitamin A supplements and deworming tablets
    • 1,200 children will benefit from early childhood development (ECD) services and 2 ECD facilities will be established
    • 3,000 beneficiaries will benefit from MIYCN promotional activities, exclusive breastfeeding promotion and cooking demonstrations

What you Receive

  • Tier 1 Donation Amount: $1 – $999
  • Tier 2 Donation Amount: $1,000 – $9,999
    • Everything from Previous Tier
    • Project Report- Provided bi-annually to Tier 2 donors.  Example here.
    • Case Study(optional)-  Depending upon the conditions in the field including the safety of field offices and participants, testimonials may be collected from the field periodically and combined with field data to create case studies.  Some examples of case studies are below:
  • Tier 3 Donation Amount: $10,000+
    • Everything from Previous Tiers
    • Personal communication from Fund Development team
    • Webinar with Programs staff on achievements of the project

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$5,727 raised
GOAL $1829000

Total Project Value: $1,829,000

Project Completion: March 8, 2023

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