Combating Drought in Pakistan

Combating Drought in Pakistan


Building resilience against severe drought and the effects of climate change in rural Balochistan.


Quetta and Kharan Districts, Balochistan, Pakistan



The Balochistan region is very dry and prone to severe drought. Water access is very limited, and with many communities in extremely remote areas, it is extremely difficult for those in need to access critical resources for daily survival like food, water, electricity, and employment.


Donation Details and Impact

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  • $156 per family or $12,500 per community can construct an entire drinking water supply system for those in need of clean water
    • Construction of drinking water systems for those most in need. Altogether, approximately 20,400 individuals in need of drinking water will be able to access clean water through this support.
  • $850 can significantly improve the income for a farmer that is struggling with production because of drought and lack of access to advanced equipment and resources
    • Strengthening production and increasing profits for farmers by providing equipment, seeds, training, and extensive support to traditionally agricultural communities, which enables them to  overcome the negative effects of climate change. 16,440 individuals will be supported to continue growing during drought and to earn higher profits to improve their livelihoods and community wellbeing.
  • $2,600 can raise community awareness to combat the effects of climate change, as well as influence systematic change through advocacy and policy reform
    • Raising awareness of climate change, its negative effects, and ways to cope among vulnerable households and communities, along with advocacy efforts that seek to influence change in policy that would result transformation and change at a systematic level. Hundreds will be engaged in this effort, but the impact of these activities will reach far beyond to positively benefit the entire region.
  • $15,700 can construct a water reservoir, water pond, and water channel that will minimize water loss in a severely drought affected area
    • Ensuring conservation of water in areas affected by severe drought through the construction of ponds, reservoirs, and water channels. Water conservation efforts will combat the effects of climate change and support approximately 40,320 individuals to retain water in their communities where they would have otherwise have lost access due to severe drought.

What You Receive

  • Tier 1 Donation Amount: $1 – $999
  • Tier 2 Donation Amount: $1,000 – $9,999
    • Everything from Previous Tier
    • Project Report- Provided bi-annually to Tier 2 donors.  Example here.
    • Case Study(optional)-  Depending upon the conditions in the field including the safety of field offices and participants, testimonials may be collected from the field periodically and combined with field data to create case studies.  Some examples of case studies are below:
  • Tier 3 Donation Amount: $10,000+
    • Everything from Previous Tiers
    • Personal communication from Fund Development team
    • Webinar with Programs staff on achievements of the project

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Project Completion: October 15, 2023

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