Water Infrastructure in Gaza


Help rehabilitate water infrastructure in Gaza.



Gaza is facing one of the world’s worst water crises. The coastal aquifer the population relies on for water is nearly completely contaminated with intruding seawater, sewage, and agricultural runoff, causing widespread health problems and increasing the cost of living for Gazans, who either have to use dirty water and suffer health consequences and/or pay for expensive bottled water.

Donation Details and Impact

If you’re interested in funding an entire component of a project, please get in touch with us, donorcare@irusa.org.

  • $7 per family OR $110,000 can rehabilitate and expand the Asqula Storm water Basin Expansion
    • Asqula Storm Water Basin in Gaza city will have its capacity increased to better mitigate flooding and filter the storm water back into the aquifer. Renovation will include the excavation of 35 bore holes and the replacement of the sand filter. This will benefit approximately 100,000 people in 6 communities.
  • $45 per family OR $48,000 per community can upgrade water networks to give thousands of people access to clean water
    • Water networks in Rafah, Gaza City, and Bani Suhaila will be upgraded/replaced to allow sufficient water availability for the targeted communities. Approximately 53,000 people will benefit from this intervention.
  • $100 can provide hygiene kits and health information for 1 household 
    • 3,000 families will receive a hygiene kit and information about proper hygiene, including information about COVID-19. This component also includes mass-media efforts to make Gazans in general more aware of hygiene practices and COVID-19.
  • $125 per family OR $48,000 per community can provide urgent repairs to the water and wastewater networks in Gaza City and North Gaza (completion expected Summer 2021)
    • Urgently needed water repairs following the May 2021 bombardment will be undertaken in Beit Hanoun and Gaza City. Approximately 13,000 people will benefit from this intervention.
  • $145 per family OR $130,000 per community can install storm water drainage infrastructure to prevent flooding
    • A new storm water pipeline will be installed in Khan Younis and storm water gullies will be installed in Rafah. These works will help storm water drain more efficiently and prevent flooding that exposes people to dangerous conditions, including raw sewage. This intervention will benefit approximately 10,000 people.
  • $280 per family OR $105,000 per community can install/rehabilitate a sewer network and remove current inadequate waste storage
    • New/Rehabilitated wastewater networks will be completed in Bani Suhaila, Jabalia, Deir al Balah, Gaza City, and Beit Hanoun. This will include the installation of new sewer pipes, removal of cesspits, and other needed interventions as identified in each area and benefit approximately 10,450 people.
  • $2,300 can provide hot water and storage solutions for a vulnerable family in North Gaza
    • 56 vulnerable families whose homes were damaged in May 2021 will receive solar water heaters and water tanks to ensure they can practice proper hygiene at home.
  • $2,600 can upgrade a family’s kitchen and/or bathroom 
    • 66 extremely vulnerable families will receive this support to ensure proper hygiene practices can be followed in the home. This may include installation of new sinks, toilets, showers, etc. and will be accompanied by home visits for each family to provide in-depth hygiene practices information and support.

What you Receive

  • Tier 1 Donation Amount: $1 – $999
  • Tier 2 Donation Amount: $1,000 – $9,999
    • Everything from Previous Tier
    • Project Report- Provided bi-annually to Tier 2 donors.  Example here.
    • Case Study(optional)-  Depending upon the conditions in the field including the safety of field offices and participants, testimonials may be collected from the field periodically and combined with field data to create case studies.  Some examples of case studies are below:
  • Tier 3 Donation Amount: $10,000+
    • Everything from Previous Tiers
    • Personal communication from Fund Development team
    • Webinar with Programs staff on achievements of the project

Recent Activity

Following needs are now fully funded and considered complete, thanks to the generous donations from our blessed donors!  For ongoing project needs please click the Donation Details and Impact section above.

  • $86 per family OR $172,000 can rehabilitate the al-Moghraqa Water Well
    • al-Moghraqa Water Well will be rehabilitated, including the installation of a reverse osmosis water purification system, supporting approximately 11,000 people.

From the Field


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$316,498 raised
GOAL $1170300

Total Project Value: $1,170,300

Project Completion: August 31, 2022

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